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Extend your Business capabilities with Sage X3

Take control of your entire business, from supply chain to sales with Sage X3. Software for established businesses looking for greater efficiency, flexibility, and insight.

Our Team has the Knowledge and Expertise to Ensure Professional, Accurate, High Quality Service. Need training? Have questions? Want guidance? We’re here to help.

Sage X3 cloud ERP capabilities

Sage X3 solutions are faster, simpler, and more flexible, at a fraction of the cost and complexity of typical ERP systems. View our Solutions Capabilities guide to learn more.

With hundreds of solution partners and developers globally, Sage Business Cloud X3 has your business needs covered. Find out which complementary solutions can augment your solution capabilities

Sage X3 – A better approach to ERP

Sage X3 is an advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that is faster, more flexible and designed around the user.

Get more than software and solutions

Sage Software Upgrade

Every Sage100 UK release, whether Pro, Premium, or Quantum, has the same interface. As your requirements evolve, you can upgrade Sage 100 without retraining. We can assist you in installing the most recent version of Sage.

Sage Payroll Management

Our Payroll Services include accurate payday preparation for you and your employees, integrated accounting software, and detailed reporting. We make payroll in Sage 100 simple for you.

Sage Accounting Services

Aespatech Sage Experts has been assisting US residents in achieving their financial goals for years by integrating skilled tax preparation with dependable and personalised customer service and professional accountants.

Sage Bookkeeping Services

You have more important things to do as a small business owner than keep your own books. We handle your books so you can focus on running your business and increasing profits. We also offer Sage support and Sage 50 support.

Sage Support Functions

Our comprehensive consultancy and support service allows you to discover what your software can do for your business. Our Sage support services leverage our business experience and expertise to help you run your business more effectively, efficiently, and profitably.

Sage Finance Planning

Planning is the key to successfully and legally reducing your tax liability. We go beyond tax compliance and proactively recommend tax saving strategies to maximize your after-tax income. We can help with sage 50 performance issues and error messages.

What is Sage X3?

It provides you with more control, empowering you and your business to do more, and do it better.

Sage X3 enables you to manage your entire business through one solution, from supply chain management and distribution processes to financial and production management, across multiple companies.

Increase your workflow efficiency, streamline your supply chain and grow your business with Sage X3 ERP.

Sage X3 is a business solution that is FIT for any business:

  • Faster – Advanced process cycle time, faster inventory turns, faster customer response time, faster insight into cost and performance
  • Intuitive – Management of distribution operations, easier access to data ad collaboration, simpler IT Management
  • Tailored – Multiple deployment options, flexible capacity, flexible configuration and customisation, and a solution that will evolve as you do.
“Sage X3 expands your business without sacrificing efficiency or slowing you down.”
Like what Sage X3 can offer your business? Would you like to discuss your business needs and get a fixed-price quote for implementation?

Sage X3 delivers real-time data visibility to enhance your strategic decision making and manage your bottom line

Sage X3
Budgets and accounting

Sage X3 financial management software covers financial, personnel, cost and budget accounting, commitments, and fixed assets. In addition, it easily handles transfers from one country to another, and between subsidiaries and your headquarters.

  • General ledger with multiple charts of accounts
  • Accounts payable, accounts receivable
  • Cash flow management
  • Bank management
  • Cost and analytical accounting
  • Expenditures
  • Budgets and commitments
Sage X3
Fixed assets

Sage X3 enables you to effectively and efficiently track your organization’s fixed assets throughout their entire lifecycle.

  • Numerous depreciation models
  • Fixed asset lifecycle with traceability of capital expenditure
  • Interim statements and closing
  • Fixed asset stock count and financing
  • Franchised asset management
  • Financial reporting and dashboards
Sage X3
Financial reporting

Provide your team with the information they need to make faster and more strategic decisions.

  • Real-time analytics, alerts, and notifications
  • User-defined dashboards based on trigger events
  • Configurable inquiries on any data table, with automatic or manual joins, sorting, and selection
  • Inquiries to search and filter predefined data collections using a variety of prebuilt parameters
  • Library of over 400 reports supplied as standard, including legal reports

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Kayabooks maintains a staff of experienced licensed CPAs and accountants.

We are Sage vendors. We have a combined 25 years experience with Sage.

We have the ability to work remotely or in person for SLC clients only.

We have 3 full time accountants.

We utilize QuickBooks Online as much as possible to allow us access from anywhere. If you are using QuickBooks desktop, we use hosting services to allow us access to your files. QuickBooks has different designations for restricted access, which means you maintain control of your accounting. We can look but not touch.

Tax laws are always changing. We stay up to date by reading journals, newsletters and by taking continuing education courses as required by our firm.

We use a hybrid pricing model. We bill at an hourly rate with a fixed minimum fee, meaning we bill the greater of the fixed minimum fee or total hourly charged amount.

For ongoing work, we invoice every 2 weeks to mimic payroll. Tax filing is invoiced once the tax returns have been filed.

Due to the complexity of returns, some tax returns can be completed within a day or two while others could take a week or more. If you have a deadline or time frame in mind, let us know and we will work to get your return completed on your time schedule.

No, all our tax return and accounting work is completed by firm employees.

It is common to receive notifications in the mail from the IRS requesting information or notifying you of changes. When you receive a notification, please contact the Better Accounting office or send a copy of your notice to us immediately. We will then be able to provide you guidance and help you decide if you would like to address the notice or have us address the notice.

Kayabooks stores a copy of your tax return and the working papers to prepare the return electronically for seven years. We recommend that you keep a copy of your return and original documents for the same time period.

Whether you have tax-related questions or other finance questions, we encourage you to voice any questions or concerns you may have. Kayabooks is a wealth of information and we hope to establish an ongoing relationship.

For small and individual business finances it can be challenging to separate business and personal finances. We recommend keeping separate bank accounts and credit cards. The separate accounts will ensure proper reporting and will help avoid comingling of assets.

Our guarantee is that if at any point you are not happy, you can leave. We do not have any term lengths or minimums. We are here to provide value every day. Because you are not locked into working with us, we must make sure to do right by our clients. We will always make sure we take care of our clients.

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